Rainbow Village Malang: Fun Place To Visit For Tourist!

Rainbow Village Malang: Fun Place To Visit For Tourist! –

Have you ever pictured yourself leading a humorous life in a rainbow town, much like in the Disney picture? One place that draws visitors from abroad is Rainbow Village Malang.

It will be enjoyable to take selfies in every part of the hamlet against vividly colored backgrounds. There are several of photogenic locations in Rainbow Village that offer a happy vibe.

In the Blimbing District of Malang City, East Java, Rainbow Village may be found at Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 9 RT 9 RW 2, Jodipan. This vacation village is inexpensive and easily accessible. Even from the rail station in Malang City, Rainbow Village Jodipan may be reached in about two minutes.

From a Slum Transformed into a Colorful Village

Previously, it was full of piled-up rubbish and looked like a slum, but who would have thought that now it is a beautiful tourist village? In 2016, a group of students from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Department of Communication, implemented a form of creative innovation in Rainbow Village Malang.

They initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in collaboration with paint companies. Residents were also invited to take part in the change process to clean up dirty environments and then decorate their houses by painting bright colors and mural art.

In 2017, Rainbow Village Malang was opened as a tourism village by H. Mochamad Anton, the mayor of Malang. The conversion of impoverished areas into tourist destinations has raised awareness of the aesthetic value and creative possibilities of a place, even motivating surrounding

The Rainbow Village Malang Residents' Economic Center

One example of innovation and a way to put imagination into practice is Rainbow Village in Malang. Thanks to the Creative City’s excellent administration, it not only promotes economic growth but also advances sustainable development.

The development of creative cities is also expected to maximize equitable regional development by accelerating the growth of economic centers. Therefore, the active role of the community is also an important factor in helping to explore regional potential and advantages.

Tourist Attractions in Rainbow Village Malang

1. Take Photos in a Cheerful Atmosphere

If you visit when the weather is hot and the sun is hot, you can cool down for a moment in the umbrella aisle. Rows of colorful houses flank Umbrella Alley, creating a shady area. There, you can take a break while taking photos on a small path filled with hanging umbrellas.

The housing in Rainbow Village Jodipan is located on terraces. Every staircase there was painted to make it look more attractive. Tourists can visit the colorful stair area, surrounded by colorful paper lanterns.

Rainbow Village is located opposite another thematic village called Tridi Village. The path that connects the two tourist villages is a glass bridge located right above the Brantas River. Taking fun selfies on the bridge is quite interesting for tourists. Because the background of your photo will look very colorful with views of Rainbow Village Jodipan or Tridi Village.

2. Shopping For Handicrafts And Souvenirs

Now Rainbow Village being built as a new tourist destination in Malang City. From here, local residents took advantage of the potential of the tourist village by changing jobs as traders selling handicrafts.

Making handicraft products in the form of knick-knacks, such as bracelets, sandals, and hat accessories, is the work currently undertaken by Jodipan residents. Apart from that, they also sell lantern crafts, which have even been sold to the Netherlands using basic materials made from recycled materials.

3. Urban Farming and a Vertical Garden

In the midst of limited land, Jodipan residents are also able to green their village by implementing urban farming in every alley of their house. A concept like this makes the village beautiful; some even make vertical gardens.

All it takes to access Rainbow Village, Malang, is 5,000 IDR for an entrance ticket. Remember to budget IDR 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and IDR 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles for parking. With wallet-friendly prices, you can do lots of fun activities in colorful villages like a rainbow with Mulia Trans Crew!

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